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Music at Singing Bridge

     The music that we present at Singing Bridge is creative and dynamic, with unusual performances outside along the river on beautiful sunshine filled days and among crisp autumn colors.  When the weather brings us inside, we get to play in the recently renovated former Remington Lodge, surrounded by art, ambient lighting, comfortable seating, in a child-friendly environment featuring the Singing Bridge Vegan Cafe.  Our PA system is fully featured and overseen and run by audio wiz Bob Sherwood.  Our artists have found the environment incredibly warm and friendly and always look forward to returning.  The location also proves ideal for video and production opportunities.


     An eclectic array of independent musicians have appeared since the day we opened in June of 2014, expressing a wide range of upbeat talent and interesting genres that everyone loves.  We have featured amazing artists, both established and up-and-coming, local and from around the world, including Peter MacDonald, Eric Lee, Rachel Laitman, Jont and much more.  The Gaea Star Band, the house band at Singing Bridge, is composed of pianist Bob Sherwoood, percussionist Craig Harris and singer and multi-instrumentalist Mariam Massaro.  The Gaea Star Band is a constant at Singing Bridge, providing support to solo artists and powerful improv opportunities.  They host the popular podcast, "The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour" on with over 85,000 listeners, and have several albums recorded under their own or Mariam Massaro's name.

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